Which Therapy is Right For You?

Therapy may take place in many different settings.  Depending on the need, people may participate in individual, group, family, or couples therapy. Each mode of providing therapy is determined by individual needs and preferences.

Individual therapy – Often it is a good practice to start working on one’s own goals and issues. Once the individual feels ready to invite the family or a significant other, couples and family therapy are a great way to strengthen family and intimate relationships.

Couples therapy– It is best to seek couples therapy before thought of separation and/or divorce. Nevertheless, it is most common to participate in couples therapy in an effort to save a relationship or marriage. When a couple falls into a vicious cycle of negative communication, couples therapy can help clarify the underlying feelings and issues. Couples therapy is recommended at any stage of the relationship!

Family therapy– People live surrounded by individuals that they call and consider family. Families could have different forms and sizes, but what makes them similar and unique, is that family members always want to best for one another. Family therapy is a great service for those who experience family tension, lack of communication, conflict relationships, problems with addiction, need for parenting skills, and more. Family therapy is the most comprehensive type of therapy, as it allows for work within the entire family system.